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Tajdid Quran Hifth Programme

Tajdīd is a holistic Qur’ān Academy that focuses on memorizing and retaining the Qur’ān, understanding and ultimately personifying it in its pristine, just and loving form.

Awwal Academy

Awwal Academy is an afternoon Supplementary school that offers faith and character development programmes, core curriculum support and other out-of-school activities to children.

My Inc

MYinc is a Youth Leadership Development Program that exists to aid in the holistic develop of our youth; identify and create leaders and in doing so develop a relatively neglected constituency within our society.


Neo Youth Foundation

NYF is a cutting edge, outcomes based non-profit SUV established in 2011 that focuses on developing and empowering our youth, women and children at risk through education and social development regardless of race, colour, political affiliation, gender or belief.

By focusing on the nurturing and education of young people, we wish to establish a holistic, well-rounded, pro-active and educated generation of youth who will be an asset to themselves, their families and the wider community.