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Neo Youth Foundation is an Islamic institution based in Cape Town, South Africa dedicated to the remedial, spiritual and communal upliftment within the next generation of leaders.

Our Programmes

Tajdid Hifdh Academy

Tajdīd is a holistic Qur’ān Academy that focuses on memorizing and retaining the Qur’ān, understanding it’s meaning and ultimately striving towards personifying it’s message.

Community Outreach

Neo Youth Foundation is  dedicated uplifting to islamic efforts within society, we are involved in the upkeep of various community projects.

Awwal Academy

Awwal Academy is an afternoon Supplementary school that offers faith and character development programmes, core curriculum support and other out-of-school activities to children.

How to Get Involved

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A message from Our Amir

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Moulana Muhammad Carr

Upcoming Events

  • Tajdid Winter Camp – 31 July – 2 Aug 2024
  • Tajdid Gala Dinner – 6 Sept 2024
  • Intellectual Liberalism/Purification of The Heart – Ml. Muhammad Carr – Every Tuesday after ‘Isha at Waterloo Road Masjid, Kenwyn
  • NYF Annual Braai Day – TBC

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