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Awwal Academy

What We Do

Awwal Academy exists to raise the attainment of children and young people through excellence in education, upbringing and nurturing support, engendering love and driving home values such as family, community spirit and social responsibility. We provide a variety of learning opportunities (soft and hard skills dev.) and also offer extra-curricular activities like Arts and Sports.

Contact Number

+27 81 258 4011

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What is Awwal Academy?

Awwal Academy is an afternoon Supplementary school that offers faith and character development programmes, core curriculum support and other out-of-school activities to children.

Why Are We Effective?

We are an important vehicle for channeling direct support to our communities. We are based within the communities that we serve so we can respond to specific needs and issues within those communities. We provide targeted educational and socio-economic support from a shared cultural and/or linguistic perspective and provide children communities with dedicated and hard-working role models from their own cultural backgrounds.

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