MYinc is a Youth Leadership Development Program that exists to aid in the holistic develop of our youth; identify and create leaders and in doing so develop a relatively neglected constituency within our society.
Myinc has a 32-Week Programme that runs thrice a school month and four camps per annuum. Our leadership programme is centered around the physical, spiritual, psychological, behavioral and cognitive development of our learners through the acquisition of soft and hard skills.
  1. By the youth for the youth philosophy
  2. An inside out approach, lead yourself in order to lead others.
  3. Our holistic, well-roundedĀ approach to development
  4. Good Role Modelling and encouraging positive peer learning
  5. Encouraging individual development and growth within the structures of the broader group to facilitate unhindered development
  6. Broad range of activities to maximize our reach and optimize our impact which includes but in no way limited to, hiking, swimming, soccer, cricket, quizzes, indoor games etc.