Moulana Gamzah Forbes

is a graduate of the following:
• Jam Eyyatul Qurra
• Darum Naim
• Qaasimul Uloom
• Diploma in Education @ NWU

Moulana Saeed Dien

• Graduate of Darul Uloom Al-Arabiyya Al-Islamia(DUAI) in Strand

Moulana Tahjrene Du Toit

• Graduate of Darul Uloom Al-Arabiyya Al-Islamia(DUAI) in Strand 2013
• Taught in Malaysia at Madrassa Al-Hikmah for 3 years, Higher Islamic Education

Haafith Abdullah Johnstone

• Graduated at Darul Uloom Zakariyah as a Haafith
• Matriculated
• Worked clearing and forwarding

Yusuf Patel

• Graduate of Darul Uloom Al-Arabiyya Al-Islamia(DUAI) in Strand 2014
• Currently , teaching as SACS Jnr as Islamic Supplementary teacher
• Teaching as Shajarah Tayyibah Islamic supplementary Saturday classes
• Teaching part-time on Sundays at Darun Naim Strandfontein

Mualima Wahibah Kannemeyer

• 30 years of Corporate Managerial experience
• Degree in Management
• 2 years Islamic Studies @ Darum Naim
• Assistance Life Coach @ Women Centre
• Afternoon Teacher at @ Awwal Academy

Mualima Nazly Mowlana

• Has a B.Sc. Logopaedics Degree from UCT and worked as a speech and language therapist in private practice for many years
• Completed a 2 year course at Darun Na’im, after which she taught for a year at Zahraa Institute
• Re-located with her family to Egypt where she lived for 3 years. At Markaz Fajr Centre in Cairo she obtained a diploma in Classical Arabic.
• Upon her return to Cape Town she resumed teaching at Zahraa Institute.
• She also currently teaches Arabic to young learners at Good Tree Quranic Elementary in Wynberg

Moulana Abdullah Forbes

• Studied as Darul Uloom Al-Arabiyya Al-Islamia(DUAI)
• Currently academic manager at Tajdid
• Is a teacher at Good Tree Elementary
• Is a teacher at Mizan
• Conduct hifth workshops on methodology and psychology
• Imam at Stegman Road masjied
• Received Ijaazah and Sanad from various ma-shaa-iegh i.e. licence to transmit locally and abroad in Egypt

Mualima Zahra Luckan

• Higher Islamic certificate at IPSA 2010
• Certificate in Business studies 2011
• 2 year Diploma in Quraan and Islamic studies at Darun Naim
• 2 year Business startup programme
• 1 year (part time) Arabic and Quraan studies at Zahraa
• Mualimah at preschool level 2019
• Also Volunteers at a centre that helps children improve their English and Literacy
• Is currently a teacher at Awwal Academy.

Riyaadh Henn

• Has over 10 years’ experience in youth development
• Currently working at a primary school, coaching various sporting codes and developing young minds through free play and sports
• Connect with children from different age group
• Loves the mental challenge each individual brings with the aim of winning over their hearts
• Joined Myinc at the beginning of 2019 which was recommended by ex teachers from Darun Na’im Islamic Institution where he studied for two years