Project Taharah – Grassroots Micro Engagement

Here is what we do:

− We undertake a grassroots needs analysis

− Analysts are members of the community with no PHD. They are simply equipped with raw goodwill, honesty and integrity with a burning desire to see the lives of their constituencies improved.

− Analysts are responsible for drawing up a database of needy people and listing their real needs

− We have a micro approach = one family at a time

Case Study:

For the month of June we attended to the Granny run home situated at 65 Ambrose Circle Montague Village, Lavender Hill. There are 11 occupants to this home: 3 adults and 8 children. The tiny living room with its sofa doubles up as granny’s room.

As the waste outlet pipe was damaged and leaking, all the waste water was gathering around the front door of the house whilst the backyard was littered with an assortment of waste. The front door as well as the front windows was doing everything but serving its purpose of protecting the beautiful inhabitants of this home from the weather elements.

We dubbed this project: Project Taharah.

Step one:

24-06-2020 : Fixed and replaced broken outlet pipe. Replaced broken toilet and cistern

Replaced front door and front windows

Removed all rubble and waste around the entire house

Direct Aid Philosophy

− A zero tolerance to any form of discrimination

− All the equipment purchased and used for this project was good second-hand materials in line with our eco-philosophy of reuse and limiting our collective carbon footprint. This approach also cuts cost considerably. PS It absolutely amazing and how much can be done for so little money in the township areas.

− All equipment as well as labor was 100 per cent locally sourced so our projects create local employment.

Be part of this and similar weekly projects undertaken by our Direct Aid Staff.